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Boost The Efficiency Of Your Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Invest in High Quality Panels

You can increase the efficiency of your solar panels by investing in high-quality silicon cells. Crystalline silicon solar panels are almost entirely composed of silicon today, and the purity of these cells affects their output. Monocrystalline solar panels use large cylindrical-shaped silicon ingots that are sliced into four to make up the cells.

If space is not an issue, you can opt for polycrystalline solar arrays. Molten silicon is poured into square molds and allowed to cool. Once the silicon has hardened and cooled, perfectly square wafers are cut out of the silicon to form solar cells on arrays. This is a cheaper production process and hence polycrystalline solar cells are less expensive than monocrystalline solar cells. The cells have a slightly speckled blue color.

Shading Affects Output

Shading can affect the efficiency and output of a solar array. If a panel is shaded or receives less sunlight than others, it can pull down the output of the rest of the cells in the series.

Solar panels are also typically wired in series and can pull down the output of all panels in an array. You should ideally aim for a spot where there is no shade to align your solar array.

If shading cannot be avoided at any cost, then try to avoid wiring panels in series with each other so that they don't all suffer from reduced output if one panel is shaded.

Orientation and Placement of Solar Panels Is Important

The orientation and placement of solar panels is important in order to maximize the amount of sunlight they receive each day. In the United States, south-facing arrays are optimal because they receive sunlight for the longest part of a day.

The position and elevation of your home can affect how well solar panels perform, so experienced installers will take these factors into account when installing them on your home. Solar trackers allow arrays to adjust their position according to the movement of the sun throughout the day; however, they tend to be expensive for use on homes.

Regularly Schedule Maintenance Activities

Regular maintenance is important for the optimal functioning of your solar array. But this does not mean that you need to take sponge and soapy water to the rooftop every weekend.

Some panels are self-cleaning in that rain can wash away most dirt from the surface. Accumulated dust, bird droppings, leaves and dirt affect efficiency of solar panels by clouding the surface and blocking sunlight. Monitor the output of your solar panels and if you notice a significant drop in efficiency it may be time to clean them.

Let the sun shine in! You can generate your own clean, renewable energy with solar panels. By decreasing your reliance on the grid and investing in a solar power system.

Let Valley Voltage help you in reducing your monthly utility bills and start working towards self-sustainability.


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